REGINA -- With a summer of warm temperatures ahead, the need for clean, affordable drinking water is higher than ever.

Regina’s community fridges received a much-needed water donation Wednesday from Pure Country Radio.

“We absolutely love what the Regina community fridges have been doing throughout the pandemic,” said Chase Hussey, a host at Pure Country Radio. “ It just seemed like a great opportunity to partner up with them and continue to provide that service that they have done so well with the community.”

Pure Country Radio collected water donations the last two days, before delivering a full truck of water bottles to the three fridge locations around the city.

“It’s a really good feeling to know that you are making a difference out in the community. We thank everyone for donating over the last few days, but the community fridges are always looking for donations. It’s a great way to give back,” said Hussey.

Eron Harris, who helps maintain the fridges and uses them himself, said the donations during the summer months are crucial in providing everyone something to cool down.

“In the hot summer months we look for anything that is refreshing,” said Harris. “Providing things like water, freezies and popsicles all of that stuff is really important.”

While Pure Country’s donation helps provide water for a number of people, the fridges are always in need of more.

“We really appreciate everybody donating,” said Harris. “The thing with the community fridges is that they get filled up and emptied at least three times a day. That isn’t a reflection of people being greedy, it is a reflection of the people in our community that are in need”

Anyone is able to donate at any of the three fridge locations, which are in the Cathedral area, the Heritage neighbourhood and North Central.