REGINA -- The city has completed a $1.5 million project to rehabilitate and install a bi-directional bike lane on Park Street.

The lane, which runs between Douglas and Broadway avenues, is part of the city’s plan to create a comprehensive bike network.

“With a focus on providing safe, accessible and active transportation, the city is progressing on the Transportation Master Plan with significant infrastructure improvements for bike lanes, pathways and new sidewalks,” said Diana Hawryluk, the Executive Director of City Planning and Community Development, in a news release.

“The bi-directional bike lane on Park Street helps to improve cyclist safety and create a more inclusive, cycling-friendly community,” she said.

Park Street bike lane regina

The bike lane on Park Street in Regina. (City of Regina photo)

This area of Park Street now has one driving lane, one parking lane and one bi-directional bike lane on the northbound side. The southbound lanes remain the same.

Along with the bike lane, the city rehabilitated underground infrastructure, the road and sidewalks. It also enhanced transit stops.

City crews also resurfaced 17 Avenue East, changing it to a bike boulevard so it could connect to the Park Street bike lane and the Arcola Avenue multi-use pathway.

The Federal Gas Tax fund program funded a portion of the project. The province administers the fund to support municipalities. 

Park Street Regina bike lane

The bike lane on Park Street in Regina. (City of Regina photo)