REGINA -- According to the Board of Police Commissioners, crime in Regina had increased 20 per cent over the last 10 years.

“Meth was virtually unknown to our community ten years ago and in recent years we’ve seen increases of 2,200 per cent in terms of the number of seizures we’ve done so drastically increased,” RPS Chief Evan bray said.

Police believe meth, cocaine and fentanyl are the driving forces behind the crime in Regina.

Police say some of the most notable increasing crimes are attempted murders, identity theft or fraud, sexual assaults and property crimes.

“Making sure you’re protecting yourself just by not leaving visible in your car or leaving keys in your car, having lights on in your house, kind of those simple crime prevention things really do make a difference,” Bray said,

Bray said in the next 10 years he hopes to reduce crime in the city, and make the community safer.