The Council of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan has suspended Dr. El-fellani Mohammed, an endocrinologist, for three months, after finding he engaged in inappropriate touching and behavior with two female patients.

Dr. Mohammed will also be required to have a female chaperone present for an in-person professional encounters with a female patient, must take a course on ethics/professionalism and pay the full costs incurred in the investigation in the amount of $87,467.69.

According to the college’s decision, which was published on Friday, Dr. Mohammed engaged in a “number of acts” involving two patients that “constituted professional misconduct individually and can be seen as an escalating pattern of unprofessional conduct.”

The statement said on July 19, 2016, Dr. Mohammed conducted a stethoscope examination by putting his hand and the stethoscope down the front of a female patient’s shirt, and placing the stethoscope on her breast. The college also stated similar behavior with the same patient occurred on a follow up appointment on August 18, 2016, with Dr. Mohammed also putting his arm around the patient’s lower back and touching her buttocks.

According to the decision, Dr. Mohammed engaged in similar behavior with a second patient, and asked “increasingly personal questions that were unnecessary and inappropriate to the examination.”

Dr. Mohammed’s suspension begins on October 13, 2019.