Two Regina doctors are facing charges including improperly prescribing methadone.

Dr. Rajnikant Patel and Dr. Ashis Paul were both employed at the Parliament Methadone Clinic, and face several charges including denying patients access to physicians if they would not have their prescriptions filled at R & C Drugs, the pharmacy attached to the practice.

Other charges include failing to arrange counselling for patients prescribed methadone, failing to address addiction and dependency, prescribing methadone with it was not appropriate and billing Medical Services Plan for urine drugs screens that were not done by their staff.

The charges were laid on March 30 by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Saskatchewan.

The charges specify that Parliament Methadone Clinic and R & C Drugs share a building, and that failing to practice due diligence when making sure patients knew they had the freedom to have their prescription filled at any pharmacy.

It’s alleged that Patel and Paul were charging patients a fee if they did not fill their prescriptions at R & C and would be denied continuity of medical care.