A Regina duo is offering up free hugs instead of chocolates and flowers this Valentine’s Day.

They call themselves the “Happy Mother Huggers” and they’re working to deliver happiness all across the Queen City.

“It’s just joy personified, I guess,” said co-founder Eddy Alvaro.

The initiative began back in November. Alvaro sent out a tweet with a call to action – he wanted to find a simple way to spread positivity around the city.

Mark Johnston from Big Dog Radio answered the call and the Happy Mother Huggers began their mission.

“It’s Valentine’s Day – love day – and what’s a better way to show love than a hug?” Alvaro said. “There are actually facts that released endorphins and happy hormones when you hug someone, so why not share the love?”

“It’s so simple, a random act of kindness,” Johnston said. “It doesn’t take very much to do, yet it means a lot to the person receiving that random act of kindness, so do it!”

The pair is accepting applications for hug recipients in need of a quick pick me up.

With files from CTV Regina's Jessica Smith