REGINA -- A Regina family is still searching for answers nearly one year after their 10-year-old son died at Regina’s General Hospital.

Michelle Klein and Derek Brack took their son, Jonathan, to the ER last July. Fourteen hours later, he died. The family still doesn’t know exactly what happened.

“He walked in on his own and he was fine breathing-wise and his heart was functioning and his lungs were functioning and everything was well,” said Klein,

Jonathan had a recurring bowel condition that sent him to the ER before. This time, the family feels treatment didn’t come until it was too late, contributing to the boy’s death.

“Things just kept going downhill. They decided things needed to be done once he got into a critical condition or a critical stage. Then they jumped into action,” said Klein.

The family was promised a critical incident report explaining what happened. That was ten months ago.

“That’s not reasonable for us, no. We should have had it months ago,” said Brack.

Frustrated by the delay, the family has turned to the NDP opposition for help.

This is a really sad situation. The family has been through so much in trying to get answers from this government,” said NDP health critic Vicki Mowat on Friday.

Last year, the health minister responded by letter to the family’s queries.

“When I responded on behalf of the Ministry of Health, if they don’t like that, they always have the opportunity to write back or to be able to bring that up to me directly,” said Health Minister Paul Merriman last week.

The Saskatchewan Health Authority has just informed the family that the critical incident report has now been written. It will be forwarded to the Ministry of Health next week and following review, it will be released to the family, although no date has been provided.