REGINA -- The weather in southern Saskatchewan has been warm and dry lately, making the perfect conditions for grassfires.

“This is typically, the time of the season when we start seeing things like that happen and we know that it's been drier out lately,” Gord Hewitt, Regina’s deputy fire chief, said Friday.

On Thursday, multiple crews helped put out a large grassfire burning north of Highway 1, near the service road east of Regina. (

“There was actually two fires going simultaneously, and they were approaching several structures. We managed to get a significant number of crews out there,” Hewitt said. “Pilot Butte, and White City volunteer departments showed up as well, and they assisted with that and we worked well together with them.”

The fire was safely extinguished and no one was harmed.

The Red Cross is reminding residents in southern Saskatchewan to be diligent.

“This time of year, a lot of that foliage is very dry and very combustible. So what we want to do, especially in the suburbs, is make sure that we've prepared our house, remove dry leaves, make sure we've pulled away the weeds from the house, and really create that safe zone around our houses,” Georgiana Matharu from the Canadian Red Cross said.

While the City of Regina hasn’t put a fire ban in effect, Regina Fire is encouraging residents to check its website for advice on how to properly dispose of materials that could become flammable.

“We see a lot of – not just wildland fires or grassfires – but a lot of structure fires that are caused by inappropriate discarding of smoking materials,” Hewitt said.

There is some precipitation in the forecast which will hopefully help with the dry conditions in the coming days.