REGINA -- Some Regina residents can soon expect green carts for their food and yard waste.

The city said on Monday it will deliver the carts to 2,800 homes as part of a pilot project, with the waste being collected for composting.

“The pilot will be used to seek feedback from residents on collection schedules, education materials, and waste sorting practices prior to a city-wide implementation in 2023,” said Kim Onrait, executive director of citizen services, in a news release. 

The carts will be rolled out during the week of Sept. 21, and participants will receive year-round collection once every week.

Residents will be able to toss many types of food scraps, like meat, bones, dairy and grease in the green cart.

As well, they can throw away soiled paper in the cart, including paper towels, cardboard and tissues.

The city said food and yard waste makes up about half of the average resident’s garbage cart.

Map of the city of Regina green cart pilot

Residents who live in the green areas wil receive green carts. (City of Regina/Submitted)

The service will divert the waste from the landfill and turn it into compost. It’s part of city council’s target of diverting 65 per cent of residential waste from the landfill.

Participants will receive bi-weekly garbage collection and bi-weekly recycling collection.

They will receive online support leading up to and throughout the launch of the green cart rollout.

Here is a more detailed map of the participating communities.