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Regina lion dancers' mural aims to brighten up days in Heritage

Bringing energy to a neighbourhood that needs it. That’s how artist Nick Mrazek described the latest mural to adorn Regina’s Heritage neighbourhood.

“Well the design is a lion bursting out of a brick wall,” Mrazek said.

“The lion symbolizes energy coming out of the wall. It’s meant to symbolize new life.”

The mural is bringing a bit of fiery colour to a bare brick space at 1813 Halifax Street – the location of Regina Kung Fu.

After the house next door to the school burned down in April – the students decided to fill the space with something beautiful.

Seven artists worked for two days to complete the mural.

“Its really part of who we are as Kung Fu lion dancers,” Mrazek said. “So it’s kind of to help spread our message and share the world of lion dancing.”

The lion mural on the side of Regina Kung Fu. (Gareth Dillistone/CTV News)

When people pass by the new artwork, Mrazek believes the effect will be positive.

“I’m just hoping the bright colours brighten their day a little bit and remind them of something happy – because the lion is meant to symbolize happiness, joy, new life and energy – all that good stuff.”

Lion dancers from Regina Kung Fu admire their newly created mural at 1813 Halifax Street. (Gareth Dillistone/CTV News)

The lion has a deep meaning for Mrazek and other lion dancers at the school.

“Typically it’s used to celebrate like at parties, at festivals and all kinds of things. So you might’ve seen us at Mosaic and that’s really a celebration of culture.”

And according to Mrazek the feedback – like the mural – has been positive.

“It’s been really positive so far. When people walked by while we were painting – they were all really happy to see something new.”

As for what is next for Mrazek and his crew of lion dancing painters – only time will tell.

“We’d like to do another mural but we’ll keep you updated on that,” he said with a smile.

With files from CTV News' Gareth Dillistone. Top Stories

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