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Regina man asking for help in finding lost dog with serious medical condition


Adam Metzger has been searching for his missing five-year old Australian Shepherd, Olive for two weeks.

He said she went missing when one of his friends was watching her.

“My buddy was watching her at the time, his dog was with her, and she nosed open one of the windows, just a crack and jumped out.”

Metzger turned to social media for help to track her down creating a Facebook page titled: “Olive’s search and rescue committee.”

The page has more than 700 members so far.

“We’ve had people out on horse back checking fields, we’ve had five or six drones out every day, so the community has really come together,” Metzger explained. “Many people I have never met or spoken to have been reaching out and checking their cameras, setting out food.”

Search efforts are crucial as Olive suffers with seizures and requires medication.

“Back when she was just about a year old, we went camping up north in Ontario and she chewed on a mouldy chicken bone and she’s been suffering from seizures ever since. She takes five different medications for her seizures everyday,” Metzger explained.

(Courtesy: Adam Metzger)

The dog is microchipped. Metzger has made calls to local animal rescues and vet clinics, but there is no sign of her.

“We’ve seen several instances where animals have been missing not just days, but sometimes months and even years and the key to them to finally be reunited with their family was a microchip,” said Bill Thorn, the director of Marketing and Public Relations with the Regina Humane Society.

Typically when pets go missing, cats tend to stay closer to home, while dogs will travel further.

“It may not be in the area where the pet was last seen. It can be right across town. We have seen that happen a few times as well,” Thorn added.

(Courtesy: Adam Metzger)

Olive was last seen near Ruth M Buck Elementary School on Mar 30.

She weighs 55 lbs with a red and brown body and white chest and feet. She’s described as a friendly dog but can be easily spooked.

Anyone who has seen Olive is asked to contact Metzger. Top Stories

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