REGINA -- A 24-year-old Regina man is facing 16 charges related to guns, forcible confinement and animal cruelty.

In November 2019, Regina police executed a warrant at a home in the 200 block of Broad St.

Guns, drugs and two cell phones were discovered.

On November 27 a man was charged with several drug and firearm charges, which are still before the courts.

Members of the Street Gang Unit received permission to extract information from the two cell phones that were seized.

It is alleged the phone contained videos of assaults on people who were tied up, with guns pointed at them, unable to leave.

There were also videos of kittens being strangled by a man.

The man allegedly in the videos, Tyson Dylan Ray, was arrested on June 10.

He is charged with two counts of forcible confinement, six counts of pointing a firearm, and two counts of cruelty to animals causing unnecessary suffering.

He appeared in court on June 11.