A man charged with trafficking CBD (cannabidoil) has been given a 10 month conditional sentence, to be served in the community.

Before marijuana was made legal, Regina police raided illegal pot dispensaries in March 2018. Tanner Scheidt was the owner of a head shop known as Smoke Inc. that was raided by police. Officers seized dry cannabis, edibles, CBD oils and packages containing cannabis resin.

The store was located near the RCMP depot, which Scheidt says was done on purpose to help police work with the store.

Scheidt says he received a letter in the mail before the raids happened, and was expecting police to actually come to his store and explain what needed to be done with any of his unlawful products. That didn't happen, and police arrested Scheidt following the raids.

"Once they came through and did their raids we had filled our store up with CBD products. Pet savs, just arthritis creams, things like that, for elderly people, thinking they were legal. Obviously we were wrong in the end and this has been the result of it,” Tanner Scheidt said.

Scheidt will now have to serve his 10 months in the community and is restricted from working with any unlawful businesses. As well, Scheidt has to do 50 hours of community service and is prohibited from using firearms for ten years.

"I’m just happy to have it all over with so I can move on with my life. It's been something that's been very hard to deal with,” Scheidt said.

The case is a precedent setting sentence, as Scheidt is the first person in Saskatchewan to be sentenced for CBD trafficking.