Kyle Moffatt remembers his father, Wade, who died of suicide three years ago, after Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain took their lives this week.

"My dad was a happy, healthy, young, active, fun person, he was extremely social, he loved people," Moffatt said.

Similar to Spade and Bourdain, Moffatt said it was hard to tell his father was struggling.

"You know, we always put our best face forward on Facebook and on social media and he would imagine himself…like why not me...what am I doing wrong? Why don't I have this?” he said.

The Canadian Mental Health Association said suicide rates in Sask. have increased.

In the 2018 provincial budget, $11.4 million was allocated to mental health initiatives, but the CMHA said the funding is not enough.

“"If I’m having thoughts of suicide today, I don't need an appointment in a month, I need somebody to talk to now. Having a provincial crisis line, we now have a national crisis line, but we don't have one number that people can phone to get that support," Donna Bowyer, director of training for CMHA Sask. said.

The organization wants to see more accessible support for both those suffering and for the families left to mourn the loss of their loved ones.

Moffatt said when it comes to helping someone who is struggling with their mental health, it is best to take care of yourself first, whether it means seeing a therapist or talking to a friend or a colleague.