REGINA -- Regina Mayor Michael Fougere said the federal government missed an opportunity to show "compassion and action" for Regina and western Canada, in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Wednesday throne speech.

“We need a plan for increased investment and jobs for oil and gas, agriculture and mining, which was noticeably absent,” Fougere said, in a Facebook post Thursday.

He noted that the incentives for renewable technology and new infrastructure funding are “promising.”

Fougere again voiced his support for the creation of the Canada Water Agency, and for its accompanying jobs to be centred in Regina.

“Regina is the perfect spot for the new agency and presents a new opportunity for the federal government to show their commitment to Regina and the west,” he said.

Fougere is not the only Saskatchewan politician to voice his concerns about the Prime Minister’s speech. Speaking Wednesday, Premier Scott Moe said he believes Saskatchewan was left out of the speech from the throne.

“It simply is not a speech from the throne with much substance, most certainly any substance around supporting any of the industries that create wealth and build our communities in this province,” Moe said.

Trudeau’s speech was headlined by ways for the government to financially support Canadians through COVID-19, and repair inequalities caused by the pandemic.

With files from and CTV News Regina's Stefanie Davis.