REGINA -- Mayor Michael Fougere and city council members are encouraging Regina residents to wear face masks when visiting indoor spaces or when riding public transit.

They made the announcement today given the increase of COVID-19 cases in the city. The Regina area had 38 active cases of COVID-19 as of Wednesday.

“Given the rise in active cases of COVID-19 in Regina, myself and my council colleagues encourage our residents to wear a face mask when they venture out of the house,” Fougere said.

He said many businesses are keeping their spaces clean and safe. By wearing a face mask, the risk of spread is reduced, he said.

“This is all in the spirit of keeping ourselves, our loved ones, and our friends and neighbours safe,” he said.

Other cities have enacted mandatory mask bylaws, but the city hasn’t indicated it’s going in that direction.

Instead, it wants to educate people about what it says are the positive impacts of wearing a face mask.

The province said municipalities may enact mask policies in its buildings and on transit if it chooses to.

"For municipalities looking to enact these bylaws, the Government of Saskatchewan and Public Health are available to provide advice and assistance to municipalities that are developing their own mask policies," Minister of Government Relations Lori Carr said in an emailed statement.