REGINA -- Regina Minor Football (RMF) is still waiting to see how the season will play out this fall.

RMF cancelled its spring activities and now the fall season hangs in the balance.

“We can practice in our atom, peewee and bantam groups,” said RMF Executive Director Len Antonini. “We can play games in our mighty-mite groups and we're hoping we can get the 'okay' to play games.”

Coming off back-to-back national championship wins, Football Saskatchewan was forced to cancel all its provincial team activities for 2020.

“With some of the sport groups being able to return, football is definitely one I think would've been hit probably the hardest within this pandemic period,” said Mike Thomas, Director of Football operations. “Right now with the limits getting placed on us for numbers, in terms of gatherings of 30 and mini-leagues of 50, it's really making it difficult to progress.”

Antonini says the measures Regina Minor Football have in place will keep players, coaches and parents or fans safe. He would like to see the mini-league restriction relaxed.

“The mini-leagues have 50 people in them which isn't enough to play tackle football,” said Antonini. “The more I look into the business reopening plan, I think we can physical distance pretty good.”

Thomas says numerous options are still on the table for football to continue at some point this season and nothing is being left out.

“Our players are desperately wanting to get back on the field,” said Thomas. “If it is possible to play at any level in any fashion – we'll definitely do our best to ensure it works. But, nothing has been left off the table. If it is spring football, then so be it. There will be a lot of football being played across the province.”