REGINA -- A Regina mother is collecting gifts for less-fortunate children, to pay kindness forward this holiday season.

"I don't want to go down, knowing that I didn't do anything to help those in need," Rapinchuk said.

Alysha Rapinchuk created a Facebook page called “Regina’s friendly helper, Alysha”, where people can contact her if they would like to donate gifts. She then gives the gifts to a family in need.

Rapinchuk has already collected around 300 gifts this holiday season. She said she is happy to know her efforts will make a difference for families on Christmas morning.

"I don't want to see anyone else go through what I did, I don't want to see a kid go without," she said.

Rapinchuk said many people pick up the gifts for their children, but sometimes if the families don't have the means to come to her, she takes a bus and goes to them.

She said when she found out she was pregnant with her daughter last year, people in her community helped her through it. It was the generosity of strangers that's encouraged her to give back this season.

"When I found I was pregnant last June, I didn't know who to tell because I was in Montreal," Rapinchuk said. "You know people came together they helped me get clothes for her. They helped me go to my ultrasound, just amazing."

Rapinchuk said she's had many people help in the past and she wants to pay it forward.

"I want them to know that I'm always here to help, no matter what it is," Rapinchuk said.