REGINA -- The Civic Museum of Regina is asking for the public’s help in cracking the code of a recently discovered safe from the early 1900s.

The safe was discovered among the 18,000 items in the museum’s inventory. Rob Deglau, the community coordinator for the museum, tried to open the nearly-century old safe, but discovered it was still locked. He tried to find more information about it, but came back with limited results.

“All we know is that it was built around the turn of the century in the early nineteen hundreds, we ended up getting it in about 2000,” said Deglau. “It was part of a business from about 1930 to 1979, and it was donated by relatives of the family that owned Regina Furniture Company.”

Deglau put a post on Facebook searching for anyone who might be able to crack the code. He has since received thousands of responses from people across Canada.

The tips have come from ex RCMP officers, psychics and some people who claim the safe used to belong to their family. Some even offered some suggestions for people who may be able to open the safe, without the code.

"The craziest one was somebody suggested we get ahold of the federal penitentiary. There might be safe-crackers in there that may want to do some community service and get them bussed here to open up the safe," said Deglau.

Ann Knutsun saw the post and thought the safe may have belonged to her grandfather. But when she arrived, she realized the museum’s safe is much larger than the one her family gave away decades ago.

"I was kind of thinking ‘oh maybe we will get some chance of opening it and seeing exactly what's in it,’ but no. It's okay. I think the people we gave it to must still have it,” said Knutsun.

Deglau said he would like to set up a community event around the safe that would give members of the public a chance to crack the code to try and help solve the mystery of the safe.