A Regina pet supply store is taking a stern stance on Montreal’s pit bull ban.

“We did this because we're shocked and angry that this happened, and it can be a reality, so we want to be proactive and we believe education is key,” said Kurt Jensen, owner of Metro Pet Market.

Jensen is a pit bull owner himself. His adopted pit bull Ruby is often seen at Metro Pet, and she’s even been voted the “best dog” in Prairie Dog Magazine’s annual “Best of Regina” issue.

The store weighed in on social media immediately after the ban went into place, calling the it “ignorant and ineffective.”

However, there have been voices supporting the ban. In Saskatchewan, a handful of communities have similar bans, including Moosomin.

Calls for Montreal’s ban came after a woman was killed over the summer when a neighbour’s dog escaped their yard. As of Oct. 3, all existing pit bulls and similar dogs in the city will have to be registered, and no new banned animals will be allowed in city limits.

Saskatchewan rescue groups have already begun taking in pit bulls from Montreal.

“Saskatchewan has been wonderful,” said Lysa Procunaer, a volunteer with Montreal’s Last Chance Rescue. “They’ve welcome these dogs with open arms and they see them for the wonderful breed they are.”

With the bylaw passed yesterday, Last Chance has less than a week to try and re-home the unwanted pit bulls in the city before they’re euthanized.

As for current owners in Regina, Jensen wants to see more pro-active work to keep the breed safe in the Queen City.

“Be a good ambassador,” he said. “Encourage people to interact with your dog. Have your dog properly trained.”