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Regina Plumbing and Heating donates new A/C unit to Regina German Club


It’s going to be a cool summer for the Regina German Club.

After the club’s newly purchased unit was destroyed, Regina Plumbing and Heating decided to donate a new A/C unit to the club.

The new unit was at no cost to the club.

The owners of Regina Plumbing and Heating said they have supported the work of the club for years and felt it was a no brainer to give back.

“The German Club is a staple in this city. They do a fantastic job at maintain[ing] the German culture. It's not uncommon for us that if we see a situation where we can help out, then we will step up if we can,” Adrian Godbold said.

Kerri Van Loosen, the manager of the Regina German Club, said it was wonderful news to receive.

"With the offers that had come in, we would of really had to jigsaw puzzle things together whereas Regina Plumbing Heating said, this is what we will do, this is what you're going to need, we will help line this up. It was a weight lifted off of our shoulders,” she said.

The club’s old unit was vandalized on Wednesday last week. So far, the club is unsure of who destroyed the unit but said they have filed a police report.

This is the first time Regina Plumbing and Heating has donated an item this big to a local group or charity.

The club has a GoFundMe page up to help with the costs of installing the new unit. They estimate costs to be around $10,000. Top Stories


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