Regina police are investigating reports that two men had coffee thrown at them.

The bizarre attacks were reported Tuesday and happened in a parking lot near a Walmart and a Winners store.

One of the incidents was recorded and shared on social media.

In the video, a man walks up to a South Asian man sitting on a bench and tosses coffee into his face before running away. Laughter can be heard in the video.

Police say the suspect throwing coffee appears to be white and believe there was at least one other person involved.

The second victim hit with coffee is black.

Police spokesman Les Parker says investigators believe the two cases are connected and aren't ruling out racism as a factor.

But he says officers don't yet have a motive and are asking other possible victims to come forward.

The two victims, who are 19 and 54, were not injured. But Parker says such attacks are upsetting and can impact a person's sense of safety.