The Regina Police Service is investigating assault allegations made in a Facebook post last Friday.

A mother of a student who attends Rosemont Elementary School wrote in a post asking for help, after she found out her seven-year-old son was allegedly hit in the shoulder by a teacher from Rosemont while students were lined up and waiting to go inside during the noon recess.

The mother talked about a miscommunication between her son and the teacher leading up to the alleged assault and said she was not notified of the incident by Rosemont staff and it was her son who told her what happened after school.

Regina police says they are conducting an investigation and did speak with the mother and son on Monday afternoon.

“RPS has received a report alleging an assault (physical) on a 7 year-old, by an adult in a school setting. We take any such allegation seriously and we are investigating. We will try to find out if there are any witnesses to this event (children or adults) and conduct more interviews. We will also obtain video if any exists. Because of the sensitive nature of this incident, there will also be consultation to determine the most appropriate course of action, based on the evidence. All of this will take time, but these steps are necessary to conduct a thorough investigation,” police said in a statement to CTV News.

Regina Public Schools also released a statement on the incident.

“Regina Public Schools is aware of the allegations that have been posted on social media. We are taking steps to understand and resolve what has been alleged. As this issue involves a young person, for privacy reasons, we cannot comment further," the statement read.

CTV News met and spoke to the mother and son involved and they both confirmed what happened in the Facebook post.

The mother says she will continue to meet with Rosemont staff and is considering all of her options.