REGINA -- A Regina driver had his licence suspended for 72 hours after police say he tested positive for THC in a roadside test performed by the police service.

According to police, the man was pulled over on the evening of Feb. 13 after someone called with a complaint about an impaired driver. The officer used a Sotoxa, a small device to test for THC in a person's bloodstream. Police say the machine has a swab at the end of a plastic tip, which collects oral fluids. According to police, the Sotoxa gives a positive reading for 25 nanograms of THC or higher. The legal driving limit is five nanograms.

The man driving the vehicle was issued a 72-hour licence suspension. His vehicle has also been impounded for three days.

Regina police say the Sotoxa is a relatively new piece of equipment for the force. They also have a Draeger, another instrument that can be used to test for drug impairment under the criminal code.

The Sotoxa has some sensitivity to extreme temperatures, so police say it is stored inside a running vehicle or indoors. Police say the man who tested positive with the Sotoxa was inside a police vehicle, so temperature wouldn’t have been an issue.