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Regina police warn residents against pointing lasers at planes

A total of seven people have been charged after allegedly pointing lasers at Regina’s police plane so far this year.

According to the Regina Police Service (RPS) pointing a laser at an aircraft poses a serious risk to the safety of those on board.

“It also endangers citizens below if the plane should crash as a result,” a news release read.

Since there is a potential for the consequences to be severe, the charge of mischief endangering life can carry a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Between January and September of this year – seven people were charged in connection to laser strike incidents across Regina.

All the suspects were men aged from 31 to 52-years-old. All were charged with mischief endangering life in addition to other charges in some cases.

RPS says the incidents were not related to each other and that  there isn’t a specific area in the city where the strikes were carried out from.

“In each of these cases ASU officers used the onboard technology to quickly confirm and locate the suspects,” the release read.

Regina police and the Regina Airport Authority asks that any incident – where a laser or direct bright light source is pointed into the cockpit of an aircraft in flight – be reported right away to RPS. Top Stories

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