Regina Public Schools (RPS) is offering its employees credit monitoring services following a cyber attack in May that left the division offline for a number of days.

In a letter sent to staff on June 15, the division maintained there is no indication that employees’ personal information was exposed during the attack.

“This service may provide staff with added peace of mind about the integrity of their personal information,” RPS said in the letter.

The division said it is committed to following best practices as it works to return to normal operations following the breach.

“One such recommended practice is to offer credit monitoring services to current employees as an additional layer of protection,” the division said.

The service, over a 24-month subscription, would notify users of “critical changes” to their credit report. However, the division notes the risk is low.

It is still not known what information may have been improperly accessed during the attack.

The Saskatchewan Privacy Commissioner has been informed of the computer system breach and is investigating.

With files from CTV News Regina's Wayne Mantyka