Regina residents are concerned about the cost of the city’s proposed mill rate increase in the 2018 budget.

Many people are still reeling from last year’s 6.49 per cent increase. Now, they’re preparing for another hit to their pocketbooks.

The city proposed a 4.86 per cent increase on Thursday. If approved, homeowners with a property appraised at $350,000 will see an additional $7.70 on their property taxes each month – adding up to about $100 a year.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation said the trend of raising taxes isn’t sustainable for people in the city.

“A lot of people are still struggling in Regina dealing with some economic struggle,” said Todd MacKay, prairie director. “We can’t keep going to the well and asking people who have less money to give more money.”

MacKay said he believes council is trying to find efficiencies, but it’s not enough to deal with the overall cost of living in the Queen City.

“There’s a limited amount of money there,” he said. “More of these hard decisions need to be made around the council table. They’ve made some of them and that’s good, they deserve credit for that. They need to make more of them because they can’t keep putting pressure on families in Regina.”

The Regina & District Chamber of Commerce said the increase will be hard on local businesses as well.

“There (are) challenges related to the increased PST, depending on the business and how that impacts you,” CEO John Hopkins said. “Property tax increases – it’s all of these things together that make it more and more challenging.”

If council approves the increase, it will be the second-highest tax hike in the past decade. It will go before council on Feb. 27.

Based on a report by CTV Regina's Jessica Smith