REGINA -- It might be cold outside and the snow is making it difficult to get around on roads in and out of town, but some are embracing winter, bundling up to try “snoga”.

It’s what happens when snow and yoga combine, demonstrated at a session in Wascana Park hosted by a local yoga studio.

One mother-daughter pair from Victoria, B.C., are new to Regina and its weather. They’ve been taking in as many winter activities as possible in the city, and it seems the snoga session was a hit.

“The temperature doesn’t dip much below zero so we can do all the activities year round, but we’re just trying to find the activities that belong in the snow,” said Ally Lord.

“It’s a bit colder… a lot colder and the snow, we don’t get a lot of snow in Victoria,” said Isla Lord. “It was a lot more fun than real yoga and it was a bit colder, but it’s still really fun.”

Snoga is far from a serious yoga class, but it offers more of a chance to play in the snow through winter-themed yoga poses like the “bendy penguin”, “downward-facing sled dog”, and more.

Some of the poses even involve throwing a little snow – easily done thanks to recent snowfall.

“What you need for snoga is fresh snow, and we got a big dump of fresh snow so it’s perfect,” said Colin Hall, the owner of Bodhi Tree Yoga, the hosts of the session. “Fresh snow is like a snow-yoga mat. It’s a snoga mat.”

Hall has held these snoga sessions a number of times over the years, but says he keeps doing it because of how important it is to try enjoying the colder, snowier part of the year.

“It’s very easy to get cooped up and start thinking that the weather hates you and you hate it,” Hall said. “Any opportunity you can get to get together with friends and enjoy yourself outside, I think people should jump on it.”

Another snoga session is planned for February.