Parking tickets handed out during a winter storm this week have some Regina residents scratching their heads.

Josh Crosby was walking home through the snow on Monday afternoon when he stopped to help push cars out of the snow. After noticing parking tickets on several snowed-in vehicles, he headed to social media to share his concerns.

“I saw a parking official starting to give out tickets to people and I just thought it was a little bit wrong,” Crosby told CTV News.

According to Environment Canada, the Queen City was hit with more than 35 centimetres of snow since Sunday night. The snowfall has been wreaking havoc on roads and sidewalks.

Crosby’s post has been shared more than 9,700 times in since Monday afternoon.

“Everybody seems to have the same idea that we all have to band together and just work together to get everything out of here,” Crosby said. “Street sweepers apparently won’t even be available to make it to the residential streets until Thursday.”

The city is working to plow the roads using its winter maintenance policy plan. Major roads like Ring Road and Broad Street are given priority, then roads like Regina Avenue and Broadway Avenue. The city says it’s aiming to have residential streets plowed on Thursday.

Regina Mayor Michael Fougere says the city will be looking at its ticketing policy during extreme weather conditions like this week’s snowstorm.

“Any ticket that’s been issued from 6 a.m. on Monday morning until 6 a.m. on Wednesday morning will be cancelled,” he told reporters on Tuesday afternoon. “We understand the concerns of residents, those trying to get to work, those trying to go about their daily lives that are in some circumstances that they got a ticket for something that’s beyond their control.”

The City of Moose Jaw will also be rescinding any parking tickets issued because vehicles were stuck in the snow.

Snow routes remain in place at several locations around the city. Anyone parking in those areas will still be ticketed.

The city says around 117 tickets were issued on Monday. All of those tickets will be cancelled

“We understand, we’re empathetic towards the public,” Fougere added. “We’ll review our policies to make sure that we’re fair.”

Crosby said he wasn’t trying to insult anybody with his post.

“I know that parking official is just doing his job,” he said.

Instead, he was just looking for some justification for why officials were ticketing in such poor conditions.

“I just want to see a little bit of humanity, you know,” Crosby said. “There’s a guy out there ticketing and he can see that nobody can get out of their spots. It’s a little bit unfair or even just unjust to go up there and give the person a ticket without any sort of context at all.”

With files from CTV Regina's Jessica Smith