Regina residents are turning to social media to showcase themselves and create an online brand.

Social media influencers are people who use their accounts to promote what they do and or enjoy.

"I have the opportunity to do so many different things and my days are always different,” said Tyson Liske, who can be found on Instagram as @tysonliske. “Always changing, getting to touch different places and meeting with different people. I find it absolutely satisfying."

Liske works in various fields that involve social media, including marketing for a health care app company called Lumeca Health. He also test drives and showcases vehicles for Dilawri, produces a web series called ‘Boys Who Lunch’ and volunteers with Tourism Saskatchewan.

But the social media influencer says this type work wasn't his first calling. Liske used to be a pastor.

"As I went about my life, went about my job I wanted to just be able to help people and use the gifts that I have in my life to be able to do that without having a pay check for it,” said Liske. “It kind of changed my motivation that way so I was looking at ways to supplement my income and be able to have a job and work and still help people."

There are others like Liske who use social media as a platform to promote what they do and like too.

About two years ago, Jennifer Johnson started using her Instagram account as a way to show her followers her fashion sense. Now her following has grown to almost 24,000.

"I make fun of myself for this a little bit,” said Jennifer Johnson, on Instagram as @jjslovelythings. “On one hand I love it and on the other hand I realize that it's kind of strange thing to do."

Now fashion companies send Johnson items to wear, hoping she will feature the clothing in a post. A typical photo shoot for Johnson consists of her selecting an outfit, setting up the shot and having her husband snap the photo for her. She said it’s a way to express her creativity.

"The creative piece is why I got into it,” said Johnson. “Combining photography with fashion was just something that was interesting to me. It’s fun for me."

Alec Couros is a social media expert and teaches University of Regina students about proper and effective uses of social media.

"I think making positive contributions online is much more the purpose,” Couros said. “It's not about marketing yourself; it’s about doing good things and getting noticed."

Couros’ daughter Raine has also established herself as a social media influencer. The fashion industry has taken notice of the 14-year-old and has offered her certain incentives.

"Understanding the motives of this particular brand,” said Couros. “Understanding if the brand fits the way you look at the world and whether this is something that is relevant to you. You shouldn’t turn into the brand; the brand should reflect you rather than the other way around."