REGINA -- Regina residents have been waiting for live performances to come back for months, and this week the opportunity to take in a live show will return.

Sum Theatre, a company based in Saskatoon, has brought its theatre in the park performance to Regina.

The show, ‘The Other Side of the River’, tells the story of two communities divided until they are forced together and discover their similarities.

“This year we wanted to address race relations and the fear that people have about people that are different from them and do a play about anti-racism for everyone,” said Joel Bernbaum, the artistic director for Sum Theatre.

The rock-and-roll opera, complete with puppets, aims to use art as a catalyst for discussion and change.

The story was heavily influenced by the Black Lives Matter and Indigenous Lives Matter movements that have taken place over the last year.

“All of our artists, myself included, are grappling with these movements and saying how do we let them infect and infuse our work in a way that helps us move people a little further down their path of understanding the world around them,” said Bernhaum.

The show features an original score composed by Amanda Trapp.

“This was my first full score that I composed,” said Trapp. “It was a real opportunity to write something I had a strong relationship to.”

Focusing on rock music, Trapp hopes to bring people into the story on different levels.

“When we’re all belting out these songs and our guitarist is just slamming on his guitar you can’t help but lean in and listen,” said Trapp.

Audiences can expect huge puppets and sets during the show, creating an environment Sum Theatre hopes people will remember.

“This at the end of the day is a play, and a play is meant to be fun,” said Bernbaum. “There is nothing more fun than puppets that blow your mind. So if nothing else, its worth it to come down to the park to hear the amazing music, and see the giant puppets.”

The free performances will be taking place at parks around Regina all week long. For a list of shows and locations visit Sum Theatre online.