A Regina restaurant is promoting a healthy lifestyle by adding stationary bike seats to tables.

Ziya Ozgur moved to Regina from Turkey to study business administration, and is now the co-owner of Eat on Wheels. The restaurant prides itself on its authentic Mediterranean cuisine.

“It’s a very popular food in Europe and all around the world, and we wanted to bring that idea here,” said Ozgur.

Ozgur got the taste for food from his father, who was a chef for 46 years.

“He makes me eat things that I didn’t like before, because he makes them so tasty,” said Ozgur.

His father also passed along some special recipes for the restaurant’s menu. With some meals ready to go, Ozgur and his partner wanted to put a special spin on their restaurant.

“We wanted to make it something unique in Regina that doesn’t [already] exist,” said Ozgur.

With some inspiration from some special European dining carts, they settled on the bikes. Their goal is to make people think about their health while they eat.

“The idea [that] when they leave they’re going to think about it, and they’re going to focus more on living healthy,” said Ozgur.

Ozgur says that they could be looking to expand to new locations in Regina in the future.