Lauren and Joanne Lavoie are back to their day-to-day lives, as they continue to race on screen to become the season seven winners of Amazing Race Canada.

The Regina duo has been entertaining family and friends at weekly viewing parties to watch the latest episodes.

“We monologue the experience and be like, ‘That’s what happened, that’s what we were doing’, so it’s kind of funny seeing their faces [react], ‘Oh my gosh, you actually did that, since when, why would you ever’, so it’s great to see everyone else’s reactions,” said Joanne Lavoie.

Joanne wears many hats back home as a yoga instructor and student at the University of Regina, while Lauren is a teacher – currently enjoying the break from school and the race.

Joanne says it was difficult to adjust to everyday life after racing around the country for five weeks.

“I felt like I was racing against the clock trying to get to work, that I had to be somewhere, do a challenge, complete something,” she said. “I didn’t know where Lauren was and we had been attached at the hip for the past five weeks, so not having her by my side 24/7 was something to get used to.”

This isn’t the Lavoie sisters’ first brush with fame as they received millions of views on their many viral Vine videos. That experience helped prepare them for becoming reality TV stars.

“We were able to forget [the cameras] were there a lot of times and as much as it is the race, you are telling a story, the cameras are following you, it’s not something that you can forget entirely that they’re there,” said Lauren Lavoie.

Lauren and Joanne have become fan favourites on the show in Saskatchewan – they’re the first team from the province to compete.

“Saskatchewan is just the kind of province that rallies behind anyone that is taking on an endeavor like this, so it’s been huge,” said Lauren. “We got to do the coin toss at the Riders’ home opener, things like that, that you don’t think you’re ever going to do in your life, but that happens because you’re in Saskatchewan and because Saskatchewan just loves its people that much.”

After their fourth place finish on Tuesday night’s episode, Lauren and Joanne will now be racing to Yellowknife on next week’s episode of the Amazing Race Canada.