It seems shoppers maintained their manners on Black Friday. Sale seekers in Regina lined up in single file to snap up door crashers and get good prices on Christmas presents.

Big box stores offered the usual big discounts, but local businesses have lots on sale too. 306 Skate Shop offers an added incentive to buy local.

"Every sale at 306 Shop directly funds our community center for kids where we run a skate park and we host after school programs and training sessions and skateboard schools,” said Andrew Hincks from 306 Skate Shop.

Hincks has been running the local skateboard shop since 2003. He says every Black Friday is busy with customers but youth who are excited to use his facilities. 

"It’s just been all smiles and happy customers and hopefully happy people getting their presents that’s the most important part,” said Hincks.

Regina’s Bodhi Tree Yoga took a different approach to Black Friday sales. 

"Instead of making a celebration of spending money we feel like it’s better to make a celebration out of spending time together,” said Colin Hall from Bodhi Tree Yoga.

Bodhi Tree’s Black Friday discount was about as good as it gets. It offered a free yoga class to first time students. 

Hall says your wallet and body will thank you for the decision.

"We live in a society that is increasingly geared towards accumulating stuff. And if we can shift some of that, culturally, create a little bit of a shift where people start valuing experiences and time spent with friends and family, that’s a really good thing to do,” said Hall.