Regina's oldest restaurant is going out of business.

The Novia Cafe on 12th Avenue had been hanging on by a thread since downtown street construction cut off traffic.

But owner Chris Plumb says construction isn't the only problem. He says business was in decline long before that.

"Obviously, the construction didn't help my situation," Plumb said.

"But it was even before that that I was thinking about closing the doors. The place has never done very well, it's always just kind of scraped by ever since I took it over and I've only owned it for four years.

"It's certainly not something I could live on."

The Novia Cafe has been in business since 1918. Many customers have fond memories of the restaurant.

"I used to come here after the Y dances when I was a kid," said customer Sandy Isted, "They made really good milkshakes."

The departure of the Novia has the building's owner pondering the future of the property. Next door at Canadiana Hair Stylists, owner Dennis Dukart says the landlord may be considering redevelopment. He may move next.

"I'm looking around now," Dukart said. "I'll just play it by ear until I get my notice, I guess."

Although this may be the end of the Novia Cafe as it has been known for nearly a century, the classic lunch counter and other interior fixtures will be salvaged from the building. The restaurant could re-emerge at a new location at some point in the future.

Based on a report by Wayne Mantyka, CTV Regina