REGINA -- Regina's newest movie theatre says it will not be serving alcohol because provincial laws remain too restrictive.

Landmark Cinemas opened its new location in east Regina this past week.

Five years ago the provincial government changed liquor laws to allow alcohol consumption in theatres but with a 19 plus age restriction.

The CEO of Landmark Cinemas, Bill Walker, says the age restriction would limit families from attending.

"It's really based on the licensing," Walker told CTV News. "In Ontario, Alberta, and Manitoba the licensing is starting to adapt a bit where you can sell more like a stadium, and in the lobby we can sell you a beer, a glass of wine that you can enjoy while you watch your movie. When that flexibility comes where you can do it in an open format, we're certainly moving towards that and applying for licenses in other provinces."

Some theatres in Saskatoon serve alcohol in age restricted areas, but no Regina theatre currently serves liquor.