Regina’s two school boards are working towards sharing transportation services.

The Regina Public School Board said the two divisions will establish a Memorandum of Understanding, which would see kindergarten to grade eight students in both divisions transported to school together.

School officials said both divisions have had to make changes to operations because of reduced funding.

“In September, our new joint schools will be opening their doors to both Catholic and public schools students.” said Greg Enion, Director of Education for Regina Public Schools. “It makes both practical and economic sense that we look at ways to also share transportation services.”

Officials said both divisions are still working out the details of how they will transport the students.

“We are interested in the probable savings that can be realized in exploring opportunities that exist in looking at sharing transportation services where it makes fiscal sense,” said Domenic Scuglia, Director of Education for Regina Catholic Schools. “This will be the beginning of other discussions where we can find more operational efficiencies through potential shared practices or services.”