REGINA -- Gloria Ayuban said she has been unable to sleep after a pumpkin crashed through her window in the early morning hours of Monday.

The elderly woman was not hurt but said the incident has left her in shock.

"I'm scared and shocked," Ayuban said on Thursday. "I just cry and cry."

Ayuban lives in the Albert Park South neighbourhood with her daughter, son-in-law and two grandchildren.

This isn`t the first time the family has dealt with troublemakers in the neighbourhood.

In June, the family started having their doorbell rung late at night by people who looked like teenagers who were running away once they got to the door.

Pumpkin crash window Regina
The family has been shaken after troublemakers have vandalized their home. (CTV News)

The family installed video cameras to capture the vandals on camera.

As well, in August, a rock hit their front window.

The video footage shows a person running across the family's lawn and then the sound of a rock hitting a window.

“We can't even feel safe in our own home," said Luigi Herreria, the grandson of Ayuban. "We've been targeted for several months. These guys have been harassing us and we don't know why. I don't know any of these guys.”

The family said these incidents have left them feeling unsafe in their home and it's caused them all unnecessary stress.

“I'm terrified every night," said Edna Herreria, Ayuban`s daughter.  "I couldn't even sleep and thinking about when are they going to come back here? When are they going to attack again? It's very stressful."

Pumpkin crash window regina
The window has since been boarded. (CTV News)

The family wants this vandalism to stop and those responsible to be caught and charged by police.

“They need to be held accountable," Luigi said. "My grandma could have got really hurt. The fact that they are laughing, they seem to enjoy doing this. I don't understand how this is a funny thing or a joke to them.”

The Regina Police Service said it is investigating this incident. It said it doesn't know if all of these incidents are connected but it has confirmed the identity of a few people who may have been involved in this vandalism.