REGINA -- The holidays are a time for giving and a Regina server decided to get a head start this year by donating her tips to those less fortunate.

For the month of October, Lindsay Patton, a server at Boston Pizza, donated all her tips to Souls Harbour Rescue Mission.

Patton is going back to school this May to become a paramedic but knew this money would mean more to those in need.

“COVID was really hard financially on a lot of people, so I knew personally that something needed to be done in my community so this was the best way that I knew how to help other people,” Patton said.

Souls Harbour Rescue Mission feeds and dresses those experiencing homelessness and addictions in the Regina area. Patton had volunteered with the group before and was able to raise $2750.

"Boston Pizza matched my donation so we raised a total of $5500."

Like many organizations, Souls Harbour is experiencing financial issues this year and are relying on the generosity of others.

“The meals are given to people in Styrofoam containers obviously that’s been an increase cost for them so the money will go to helping operational costs, helping with the meal program that they offer so it'll go a long way,” she said.

Patton didn't do this to get notoriety, but hopes if people hear her story they'll be inspired to help those that need it most.

“I think if anyone can do something similar or volunteer time or help in anyway it would go a long way and we need to bring our community together.”

Souls Harbour emphasized how important donations are to the charitable organization at this time of year, in a Facebook post.

“The challenges around COVID can be discouraging but Lindsay wanted to do something encouraging. We are so grateful for this generous donation. Thank you to Lindsay and all who supported her in this endeavor,” the post said.