For the first time, Amazing Race fans in the Queen City have a team of their own to cheer for.

Sisters Lauren and Joanne Lavoie are the first Saskatchewan team to ever compete on the Amazing Race Canada, and they say that fact increases the pressure and excitement.

“Just a smidge of pressure,” Joanne said. “I think we’re feeling pretty good and we’re ready to have the best time ever.”

The pair said their audition video was straight forward and slightly more serious for the content they became known for. The sisters were famous for the content they produced together on Vine, a short-lived app used for making video that could be no longer than six seconds.

“The culture of Saskatchewan is so much support,” Joanne said. “You feel the pressure because you don’t want to let anyone down but we have so much pride for our province so we went out there and had as much fun as we possibly could and stayed true to our character and I think the audience is going to see that.”

Lauren said that besides going to the gym more frequently, there was nothing they could do to prepare for the race.

“The producers told us that were ready to go as we were,” she said. “All the things we thought we could do to try and prepare, and none of that ended up being things we would have needed. Spending time together and working on your bond, that’s the best thing you can do.”

The new season of The Amazing Race Canada premiers Tuesday on CTV. The team will appear on CTV Morning Live Regina on Wednesday, to recap the premiere.