REGINA -- New technology developed in the Queen City is expected to help solve a unique problem in Greenland.

In Greenland, where snow can totally cover a building, digging out is a major endeavor. The American government went looking for a solution to a problem plaguing its atmospheric research station in Greenland.

Regina-born devise, the Titan Elevation Platform can lift a building up and out of the way to ease snow removal. Once the job is done, the structure is lowered back into place, until the next arctic storm.

“It’s designed to go up 12 feet, and down 12 feet whenever required,” Cameron Wensel, owner of Failsafe House Lifting said.

Regina was fertile ground for invention of the lifting devise. Cameron and his brother, Monty Wensel, have been hoisting houses into the air for years to allow for crumbling foundation replacement.

Now, they have adapted the technology for buildings in chronic flood and snow zones.

The device will be shipped to Greenland in January.