A Regina teen is creating hundreds care packages for women living in shelters this holiday season.

Each package includes two tampons, a toothbrush, toothpaste, conditioner, shampoo, body wash, lotion and a map of listing Regina resources. Sarah-Marie Nadeau started the concept with her sister around 10 years ago, when she was seven.

“We had our friends just kind of give us stuff from hotels, soaps and conditioners from hotels and whatnot. And we went out and bought small bags and gave them to women's shelters,” said Nadeau.

She said she quickly realized the impact of their efforts.

“Having a toothbrush or shampoo to wash your hair in the morning (is) something we take for granted,” said Nadeau. “It's very humbling when you meet other people who don't have the same luxuries.”

This year, Nadeau expanded the concept to about 800 bags this year. She reached out to the Regina Hotel Association, which donated 3,500 pieces of soap to the cause. Nadeau also gathered financial support from local organizations, like the Rotary Club of Regina Eastview.

“When we saw the work that Sarah was doing, being that she is a young individual - basically a youth - attempting to make a difference, we absolutely wanted to be part of that,” said Jack Wozniak, the president of the Rotary Club of Regina Eastview.

Nadeau - who says she comes from a very community-minded family - also got several other children involved in the project.

“Teaching kids about giving to others, and exposing them to on how to organize events, how to help those in need... It's something I think we don't teach as much as we should,” said Nadeau.

Nadeau and the group plan to put the packages together on Sunday, and give them to five different shelters in the city on December 23.