REGINA -- Students from the Regina Trades and Skills Centre (RTSC) were hard at work on Thursday pouring the foundation for a storage shed to be used by Regina Minor Softball (RMS).

The students were able to get the on-the-job experience with funding from the RBC Future Launch Grant and heavily discounted concrete supplied by a local company.

"How do you simulate this type of situation in a classroom? You can’t, right?," said Brian Shankowsky, executive director of RTSC. "The students learn the skills in the classroom and then they come out here and they’re able to practice them in the setting where maybe everything doesn’t go quite right."

The shed will eventually be used as more on-site storage for RMS.

"We’ve got a golf cart that we use for tournaments and barbeques and stuff," said Kristina Kenny, Regina Minor Softball executive director. "We use the golf cart to help people around the park and everything, and just alleviate some of our other storage over there and make it a bit cleaner and nicer.”

The building itself will also be constructed by carpentry students from RTSC sometime next year.