On Monday, some Regina Transit users will be paying less for transit passes.

The adult 31-day pass will now be $88, down from the previous fare of $92. The youth 31-day pass will see a slight decrease of $2 from $66 to $64. A 20-ride adult pass is now $55, down from $58, while the youth 20-ride pass will now be $46, down from $49.

Senior’s will see a savings of $30 off their annual pass as it will now cost $270 instead of $300. Cash fares will remain the same.

In 2018, Regina Transit’s ridership increased by four per cent following a two-year investment of $17.5 million to improve the transit system.

With 50 per cent of the funding provided through the federal government’s Public Transit Infrastructure Fund, the city replaced six Paratransit and 13 conventional buses, replaced bus shelters, improved bus stops and shelter accessibility and made accessibility improvements on buses.

The city also introduced the new Arcola Express route and expanded service in area such as Harbour Landing and Fairways West.

Also as of Monday, Regina Transit introduced new purchase options. This includes new 31-day senior passes, semi-annual youth passes, affordable adult passes and affordable youth passes.

The new affordable passes were introduced to help lower income residents by partnering with the Community Services’ Affordable Fun Program. This program provides discounted city recreation and leisure programs and now offers discounted monthly transit fare passes.

More about the affordable passes and how to apply can be found at regina.ca.