A Regina woman is pleading for someone to return her mother’s ashes after they were stolen from her home on Monday.

"She raised me as a single mom and we were best friends,” said Kristin Vogel.

“We did everything together all the time and I like to consider her more my soulmate than she was even my mom."

On Monday, Vogel’s husband came home to find their home had been broken into. Intruders forced their way into the couple’s home through their back door.

"Her ashes are a part of her and she deserves so much more than to have her ashes end up in the garbage or with somebody who doesn't care about her," said Vogel.

Vogel was planning to take the ashes to Mexico, where the pair frequently vacationed.

"This I needed this as much for her as I needed it for me and so a big part of me missing right now being able to fulfill that wish," said Vogel.

Regina police are investigating, but so far, have no suspects in mind. Police say property crime numbers in Regina are down this year compared to this time last year.

"Be a good neighbor and keep an eye out your neighbor’s property and possessions,” said Regina Police Service spokesperson Elizabeth Popowich.

“You can report suspicious activity and you can help to keep your own property safe and secure because, if you can deter a crime, then you are in fact contributing to the safety of our community."

The thieves also took Vogel’s laptop, a camera and her jewelry box. But she said she only wants back her mother’s ashes, as they cannot be replaced.

"Put them on my front step or mailbox,” Vogel said. “I just don’t care who took them I just really want them back."