REGINA -- A Regina woman took it upon herself to educate people about Indigenous history, with facts and Facebook posts.

June was Indigenous History Month and Kerry Benjoe wanted to educate her family, friends and followers. She took to social media to share facts about her roots.

“I was like, ‘I'm going to post an indigenous history fact for the next 30 days,’ and that's what I did,” said Benjoe.

The 30 posts covered a wide variety of topics, including Indigenous military service, the 60s Scoop, athletic accomplishments and education.

She also highlighted people like Tony Cote, who created the First Nations Summer and Winter Games, and politician Elijah Harper.

"We need to not forget those people who blazed the trail for us," said Benjoe.

Given the racial discussions happening globally, she said it was especially important to spark these conversations during Indigenous History Month this year.

By next June, Benjoe is hoping to create a website where she can share her lessons with more people looking to celebrate Indigenous History.