Regina women are working to change the story and, hopefully, stop domestic violence in Saskatchewan.

According to Statistics Canada, Saskatchewan has one the highest rates of reported domestic violence in the country. Having an outlet that provides support for women, by women, is seen by many as crucial.

Regina Transition House is just one of the outlets in Regina providing support for women looking to escape dangerous situations.

A number of campaigns like Me Too and Times Up have given women around the world an opportunity to speak up. Now, a new local campaign called #ChangeTheStory is hoping to build on that momentum.

"It's nice that there's a lot more awareness because of the social media campaigns going on, and we're definitely trying to kind of hook onto that with the hashtag change the story. But it is about making actual changes on the ground as well,” said Stephanie Taylor from the Regina Transition House.

The International Women’s Day movement started in the early 1900's with women fighting for the very basic right to live equal lives to their male counterparts.

But it is now 2018, and women’s marches are held around the world, across the country, and right here in Saskatchewan, the goal is education

"That is the biggest issue that we're looking at when it comes to domestic violence,” said Gwyn Tremblay of Sofia House.

The message coming out of Saskatchewan this International women’s Day is that thre is support in the form of safe spaces and online forums.

"I definitely think it's got the conversation going a lot more, and I think people, especially young women on social media, are finding their voice that way," said Taylor.

"We find that being heard is often the most crucial service that can be provided. And that's something a friend can do, A family member can do, and certainly anyone at the various agencies around the city and the province,” said Jo-Anne Dusel with the Provincial Association of Transition Houses and Services of Saskatchewan.