REGINA -- Some Regina residents are struggling to get cheques from Service Canada, after its locations were closed to the public.

Information about pensions and Employment Insurance is being offered online, but some residents don’t have access to online services.

According to the federal government website, “Service Canada Community Outreach and Liaison Service staff are contacting communities to offer alternate service delivery methods.”

Kelan Gress says he has not received any information regarding his pension and will now try to contact social services for help.

“I was in front of Service Canada and it’s closed, I can’t even get information on my pension,” Kelan Gress said.

Gress says his phone was stolen so now he has no way of getting online.

“I would have looked online, but what can you do when thieves steal phones, it’s crazy.” Gress said.

The federal website says it is dealing with a high volume of requests for pensions and Employment Insurance, and it is handling it on a priority basis.