REGINA -- Two Harbour Landing residents are concerned that a developer has changed the plan for an empty parcel of land near their homes.

When Carrie Kotylak and Graeme Drysdale bought their homes, plans indicated the 16 lots behind their property would hold 16 single family homes.

Dream Developments went back to Regina City Council to change the plan from 16 single family homes to affordable fourplexes for 31 families.

“It’s affordable housing for women and children that have fled domestic abuse situations,” Evan Hunchak with Dream Developments said.

The parcel of land is six-tenths of a hectare, but the City includes half of the street and half the alley in lot size calculations.

“The infrastructure isn’t here for the parking for these units,” Kotylak told CTV News. “It’s not here for the green space for the families and the quality of life.”

Kotylak and Drysdale are taking council’s approval of the new plan for the empty lots to an appeal board in March.

City zoning change cannot be overturned, but parking requirements are subject to review.