REGINA -- A use of force review is underway after an incident that involved police shooting a dog.

Police were called around noon on Tuesday to an incident in the 1000 block of Broder St. It was reported that people inside a home were shouting, and a pair of dogs were becoming aggressive outside.

When police arrived, two dogs were in the alley behind the home, and were not restrained to the back yard of the home.

When the officer exited his vehicle the dogs ran toward him. As they got closer the officer shot the larger of the two dogs. The dogs retreated into the home and it was apparent that one of the dogs was shot.

A man inside the home came out to speak with police and refused to restrain the dogs. The man continued to argue and was arrested.

“Police and Animal Control officers made entry into the house and found the injured dog, and two others," RPS said in a news release. "The dogs were secured in kennels. Regina Humane Society informed police that the dogs had a documented history of aggressive behavior and that they had just been released from quarantine the day before. The injured dog was transported to veterinary care.”

A use of force review is underway